Communication is the heart of all human endeavour.

Why is this the “Rocket” Report?

Selling stuff door to door offers an amazing window into people’s lives. It provides a daily source of human stories – drama and comedy. And in Buffalo in the 1970s it also required a daily drive down the New York State Thruway to drop off sales crews in the towns and villages of western New York. As the designated crew driver when the speed limit was dropped from 65 mph to 55 mph during the gas shortage of ’73, I was challenged to adjust my driving pattern overnight. I failed to meet the challenge, and received several speeding tickets from the New York State Police, along with the nickname “Rocket” from my crew members.

From there my crew was named “Rocket’s Knockers,” the door knockers who worked for me.

Years later, the “Rocket” nickname re-emerged when I realized that “Rocket’s Knockers” also made a great name for my fantasy league baseball team. And with the Knockers came a weekly printed update on the exploits of my Eight Ball League heroes — the first Rocket Report.

Now it’s back as a journal of communication, storytelling, word use, and the people who are passionate about those things. The Rocket Report. What a long strange trip it’s been.


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